Refugees, Asylees, IDPs – What is the Difference?

Most people will have heard the terms “refugee” and “asylee,” however, these terms are often used in a colloquial way that doesn’t address their true meaning. In this post I will go over some important terms and definitions related to forced migration, explain some of the background on these terms, and discuss the importance ofContinue reading “Refugees, Asylees, IDPs – What is the Difference?”

The Sights & Sounds of South Sudan

As I write this I am approaching one month in the field – the weather is hot and a couple of brief rains this week have given us all some hope. For those of you who followed my Peace Corps adventures in Burkina Faso, I thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast aContinue reading “The Sights & Sounds of South Sudan”

Jebel Jais & Adventures in Ras al Khaimah

Disclaimer: We are not promoting travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, please follow CDC and other appropriate guidelines if you choose to travel during the pandemic. We made the difficult choice to travel and reunite in a third country after nearly 11 months of separation. This will not be the appropriate choice for everyone, but weContinue reading “Jebel Jais & Adventures in Ras al Khaimah”

Introduction to South Sudan

Greetings from Upper Nile State, South Sudan. I recently arrived in Maban County after a couple of weeks of quarantine, and I’m spending my time getting familiar with my surroundings and the excellent staff at my organization.  Some readers may already have an understanding of the work I’m doing but in order to give othersContinue reading “Introduction to South Sudan”

Who Are We & What Are We Doing Here?

You may have noticed we’re going through a transition around here! There are some very exciting things happening and we are transitioning from a blog about solo travel + Peace Corps stories to a site about our experiences traveling as a couple and our work in the social sector. By way of explaining this transition,Continue reading “Who Are We & What Are We Doing Here?”

Blast from the Past

Over the past few months I’ve been reflecting a lot on my Peace Corps service. Since it’s 2020, myself and my cohort are celebrating lots of 5 year anniversaries this year: 5 years since we left our lives to venture into the bush and the unknown, 5 years since we went through the absolute tortureContinue reading “Blast from the Past”

16 states, 7000 miles, 3 weeks (Part 3)

Well fam, in standard Bethany’s blog fashion, it’s been a long time since my last post. I got to thinking the other day I left what I’m sure is my very extensive audience with a big Yosemite cliffhanger back in October and then completely dropped the ball. Soooo…time to do some catching up! I arrivedContinue reading “16 states, 7000 miles, 3 weeks (Part 3)”

16 states, 7000 miles, 3 weeks (Part 2)

Welcome back to the road trip friends! So after my séjour in Yellowstone I headed towards Missoula, Montana. I decided to couchsurf where I could and made some great new friends in Missoula, after the below freezing nights in Yellowstone, Missoula was a nice warm change. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see much of MissoulaContinue reading “16 states, 7000 miles, 3 weeks (Part 2)”

16 states, 7000 miles, 3 weeks (Part 1)

For about 10 years (I have no idea how the time went so fast) I’ve been planning on a Northwest US road trip. On a whim this summer I decided to take advantage of my time off between jobs and make it happen. My main priority on this trip was to visit several national parksContinue reading “16 states, 7000 miles, 3 weeks (Part 1)”