Introduction to South Sudan

Greetings from Upper Nile State, South Sudan. I recently arrived in Maban County after a couple of weeks of quarantine, and I’m spending my time getting familiar with my surroundings and the excellent staff at my organization.  Some readers may already have an understanding of the work I’m doing but in order to give othersContinue reading “Introduction to South Sudan”

Who Are We & What Are We Doing Here?

You may have noticed we’re going through a transition around here! There are some very exciting things happening and we are transitioning from a blog about solo travel + Peace Corps stories to a site about our experiences traveling as a couple and our work in the social sector. By way of explaining this transition,Continue reading “Who Are We & What Are We Doing Here?”

Welcome to Fall!

Hello friends, Well my slacker tendencies have led to a 2+ month lag in posts and (unsurprisingly) a lot has happened since I got back from Darjeeling in July! As you might expect the last few weeks of my summer program were a whirlwind. In our last week we had about 7 exams plus aContinue reading “Welcome to Fall!”