Working Overseas

Are you curious about what it’s like to work overseas? Thinking about going into the humanitarian or international development sector? Good news! That is what this section is all about – find out about our work in the social sector including all Bethany’s Peace Corps stories here.

Humanitarian Work in South Sudan 2021 – Present

Refugees, Asylees, IDPs – What is the Difference?

May 2021

We hear these terms all of the time but what do they actually mean? A vocabulary lesson and what it means for the responsibility of the global community.

Sights & Sounds of South Sudan

April 2021

More details about life in Upper Nile and how it compares to Bethany’s time in rural Burkina Faso during Peace Corps.

Introduction to South Sudan

March 2021

Welcome to Upper Nile! An introduction to Bethany’s work in South Sudan and a brief background on the context of the region.

Peace Corps Life: Burkina Faso (2015 – 2016)
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